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Sadullapur flower garden travel guide, Savar birulia golap gram

Golap Gram,Rose village,sadullahpur,savar, Dhaka

Picture: golap gram

For a little relaxation from urban mechanical life or to eliminate physical fatigue or mental exhaustion,we have many places to go around.But it takes time to travel somewhere far away and the cost is also higher. It is time to manage and spend time with the main obstacles. So there is a lot of places that can turn somewhere near Dhaka,around Dhaka.Golap Gram,Sadullahpur,which is very beautiful in its midst and is one of the places to give good heart,which is located in birulia union of savar near Dhaka.The location of sadullahpur at the bank of the turag river of savar near very close to Dhaka.You can believe that this village will eliminate a lot of tiredness in your mechanical life.

                                                        Picture: Innocent roses 

The whole village is the garden of the rose!The highlands are covered with variety of roses.Red,yellow,white,how many roses, there is every colors in it. As far as you go around the rose, you will be fascinated by the surroundings. Morning dew wet pink flashes of soft light the villages chest has been scratched to the narrow path. There is a wide rosery garden both sides. There is a bright red rose. Rose souvenir spread in the village. You can buy roses by talking to any of the gardens here.But they do not want to sell 100 pieces of roses less than 100-150.

The whole village of sadullahpur is surrounded by roses of flowers of various colors.Although it is called a rose village,there are many flowers in addition to roses, such as Gerbera, Gladiolas,Tuberose.The demand for mere than half of the flowers in Dhaka's met from here.The farmers of the city,including shahbag,provided the man supply of rose flowers to various flower markets.

Rose hats

Local flower farmers have built themselves in the village for their own needs. Sitting in shyampur village every evening is Golapur hat.In front of the abul kashem market there began the evening in the flower business.There are many businessman coming from different parts of the country including Dhaka and gathering in the crowd. To sell, sell. Until late night. Apart from this, Sabu market has the most in the market.Selling rosettes in this market is also bought.The demand for roses is always there.So the peasants are busy all year round.In the special festival days,the demand increased manifod. Gladiolous flowers are a part of the garden.

  how to go

                                                          Picture:Turag river

On differents routes,go to golap village or sadullahpur.

Route1: Jatrabari,Gulistan,Farmgate has bus services to Mirpue embankment.Besides, Mirpur number one section or Mirpur 10 or Gabtoli can easily go to the rickshaw Diyabari Batala Ghat.
Apart from this,CNG operated auto rickshaw or texicabes can be visited in Diyabari Battola Ghat. But remember this is not Diyabari but Doyabari of Uttara. Then from there, the ship of the shallow engine left 10 minutes later to sadullahpur.

Speedboat, kosha boat, shallow boat agreement can also be taken for rent in sadullahpur.In that case, only kosha boat hire 300 taka,shallow boat 250 taka,Speedboat 500 taka.It is possible to circulate whole of sadullahpur.Again the pitched- line pathway through the village can also be rickshaw-mounted.

Route2: Birulia Bridge with CNG Reserve from Tongi station to kamarpara.Rent 200 taka from the Birulia Bridge to auto 10 taka,Arakan Bazar,from there,at 10 taka,Sadullahpur at Auto,or sadullahpur  from Birulia Bridge at 20 taka directly.

Route 3: Uttara House Building,North Tower or Mascot Plaza,through Highway,Dienibari in Leguna,then a few minutes to or directly from the boat reserve from sadullahpur.The reserve will be worth 500 taka.Sitting like 25 people.

The best route is the route of the Birulia Bridge. Because all the wonderful roses in this way. Thoughout the street,Absolutely full street stop the auto stop and cover all the rose gardens.

Boat movement was closed after 6pm

Where to eat

                                                  Picture: sadullahpur restaurant 

There are hotels near the sadullahpur ghat.After reaching the sadullahpur Ghat,you can sit and sit under the bot of ghat.If the party is tied, then the hotel will have to talk about cooking.

Golap Gram tour in 1 days  link is below

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Jahangirnagar University student

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